Lime & Dolomite- Bangladesh

Particulars (%)
CaO 52% ~ 55%
MgO 32% ~ 35%
SiO2 2%
LOI 5%
Size As required

Calcined Dolomite Supplier in Bangladesh

Welcome to SRC Chemicals, your top-tier provider of premium Dolomite minerals, strategically located in Rajasthan, India, with a special focus on serving the vibrant market of Bangladesh. We take great pride in offering high-quality Calcined Dolomite at competitive prices, tailored to meet the specific needs of industries across Bangladesh.

Ferro Moly Alloy

Bangladesh, with its growing infrastructure projects and expanding industrial sector, relies heavily on high-quality raw materials like Dolomite. Dolomite finds extensive usage in steel production, where it acts as a fluxing agent, aiding in the removal of impurities and enhancing the quality of the final product. Additionally, Dolomite is utilized in the construction industry for its durability and strength-enhancing properties in cement and concrete formulations.

At SRC Chemicals, we understand the unique requirements of the Bangladeshi market and tailor our products to meet those needs. Whether you're looking for Dolomite for steelmaking, construction, or agricultural applications, we ensure consistent quality and reliable supply to support your business operations.

Our Calcined Dolomite is sourced from premium mines and processed using advanced techniques to maintain its purity and effectiveness. Whether you need it for steelmaking, construction, or soil amendment, our products are versatile and suitable for various applications.

Partner with SRC Chemicals today and experience the difference in quality and service. Contact us now to discuss your requirements or place an order. We look forward to serving you as your trusted Calcined Dolomite supplier in Bangladesh.

Countries where SRC Chemicals has export presence for Dolomite

Key Features of Calcined Dolomite by SRC Chemicals

  • Dispersible: Dolomite exhibits excellent dispersibility, making it easy to integrate into various applications with consistent and uniform distribution.
  • High Bulk Density: With a high bulk density, Dolomite offers increased material mass per unit volume, contributing to its efficiency in various industrial processes.
  • Less Reactive: Dolomite is characterized by its low reactivity, indicating stability in diverse environments and applications.
  • Plasticize Absorption: The mineral has the ability to absorb plasticizers, enhancing its suitability for applications where flexibility and moldability are crucial.
  • Wettable: Dolomite demonstrates wetting properties, ensuring effective mixing and compatibility with different liquids and solutions.
  • High Specific Gravity: The high specific gravity of Dolomite implies a greater weight per unit volume, adding to its utility in applications that require substantial material density.

Applications of Calcined Dolomite

Steel Industry

Refractory Material for maintaining temperature and chemical balance in steelmaking.

Construction Industry

Construction material for enhancing durability and strength of cement and concrete.


Soil amendment to adjust pH levels and improve soil fertility for healthy plant growth.

Glass Manufacturing

Fluxing agent to lower the melting point of raw materials in the glass manufacturing process.

Water Treatment

Neutralizing agent for adjusting pH levels in water treatment processes.

Environmental Remediation

Used in the removal of sulfur dioxide from industrial plant emissions.

Fertilizer Production

Source of magnesium in fertilizer production for plant growth.

Chemical Industry

Used in various chemical processes as a source of magnesium and catalyst.

Animal Feed Additive

Incorporated into animal feed as a source of calcium and magnesium.

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