Calcined Lime

Used in steel industries for removal of additional impurities, and the prevention of re-absorption of impurities from slag and refractory Lining

Calcined Lime

Calcined Lime
Particulars (%)
CaO 90% ~ 92%
MgO 1%
SiO2 1% ~1.5%
LOI 3% ~ 5%
Size As required

Calcined Lime Supplier in India

Welcome to SRC Chemicals, a leading supplier of high-quality Calcined (Quick) Lime minerals in India. Headquartered in the vibrant state of Rajasthan, we take pride in offering premium Quick Lime products at competitive prices, with a primary focus on catering to the dynamic needs of the iron and steel industry.


Ferro Moly Alloy

Calcium Oxide, commonly referred to as Calcined Lime or Quick Lime, is a pivotal flux agent in iron and steel making, and SRC Chemicals stands out as a reliable and renowned supplier, serving clients not only across India but globally. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the competitive pricing we offer for Quick Lime minerals, specifically tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the iron and steel manufacturing processes.

Quick Lime's significance in the iron and steel industry cannot be overstated. As a flux, it plays a crucial role in removing impurities during the smelting process, ensuring the production of high-quality steel. Its ability to react with various elements, forming slag, aids in the separation of undesirable components like silica and phosphorus from the molten metal, thus enhancing the efficiency and quality of steel production.

At SRC Chemicals, we go beyond being a Quick Lime supplier. Our comprehensive services include quality testing, ensuring that our Quick Lime meets the exacting standards of the iron and steel industry. We understand the critical role Quick Lime plays in achieving optimal results during the manufacturing process.

Geologically, Quick Lime is produced through the thermal decomposition of limestone, resulting in a reactive and valuable mineral. The calcination process transforms calcium carbonate into the potent calcium oxide, making Quick Lime an indispensable component in iron and steel making.

As your trusted Quick Lime supplier for the iron and steel industry in India, SRC Chemicals is dedicated to providing premium Quick Lime with precise CaO content. Explore our product range, meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs and industry standards. Contact us for your Quick Lime needs, and experience the excellence that sets SRC Chemicals apart.

Key Features of Quick Lime by SRC Chemicals

  • High Reactivity: Quick Lime exhibits exceptional reactivity, ensuring swift and efficient use in various industrial processes, particularly in iron and steel making.
  • Excellent Fluxing Agent: As a superior flux, Quick Lime plays a pivotal role in the removal of impurities during the smelting process, contributing to the production of high-quality steel.
  • Purity: SRC Chemicals provides Quick Lime with high purity levels, meeting stringent industry standards and ensuring optimal performance in diverse applications.
  • Customizable Packaging: We offer Quick Lime in customizable packaging options to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring convenience and ease of handling.
  • Thermal Decomposition: Quick Lime is produced through the thermal decomposition of limestone, resulting in a highly reactive and valuable mineral used in various industrial processes.
  • Versatile Applications: Apart from its significant role in iron and steel making, Quick Lime finds applications in construction, water treatment, and chemical manufacturing.

Applications of Quick Lime

Iron and Steel Industry

Essential fluxing agent in steelmaking for efficient removal of impurities during the smelting process.

Construction Industry

Used in construction materials to enhance the durability and strength of cement and concrete.

Water Treatment

Acts as a neutralizing agent to adjust pH levels in water treatment processes.

Chemical Manufacturing

Utilized in various chemical processes as a catalyst and source of calcium and magnesium.

Soil Stabilization

Applied in soil stabilization projects for enhanced structural support.

Paper Manufacturing

Used as a processing aid in the paper manufacturing industry.

Mining Industry

Employed in the extraction and processing of metals in the mining industry.

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Used in the removal of sulfur dioxide from industrial plant emissions.

Food Industry

Acts as a food additive and pH regulator in certain food processing applications.

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