Ferro Moly

Ferro Moly

Ferro molybdenum is hardening agent which prevents corrosion in steels & provides strength , hardness etc.


Particulars %
Moly 60% min
C 0.10% Max
Si 1.5% Max
S 0.04% Max
P 0.03% Max
Size 10 – 100mm
Ferro Moly Alloy

Discover the Power of Ferro Moly Alloy

Elevate your industrial processes with Ferro Moly, a robust alloy that combines iron and molybdenum for exceptional strength and versatility.

Ferro Moly is renowned for its high melting point, making it a key component in the production of stainless steel, alloy steels, and cast iron. This alloy enhances material strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

With its exceptional thermal and corrosion-resistant properties, Ferro Moly is extensively used in automotive manufacturing, construction, and energy sectors. Ensure the longevity and performance of your products with this reliable and resilient alloy.

Explore the possibilities of Ferro Moly and unlock new heights of strength and durability for your industrial needs. Partner with us for quality and innovation.

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Introduction to Ferro Moly

Unlock the Potential of Ferro Moly Alloys for Your Industrial Applications

Ferro Moly, short for Ferro Molybdenum, is a crucial alloy in various industrial processes. Comprising iron (Fe) and molybdenum (Mo), this alloy boasts unique properties that contribute to its widespread usage across industries.

Properties of Ferro Moly

Ferro Moly exhibits exceptional properties that make it a preferred choice in various industrial sectors:

High Melting Point

Ferro Moly has a high melting point, making it ideal for applications in high-temperature environments.

Enhanced Strength

The alloy enhances the strength and toughness of materials, contributing to the durability of end products.

Corrosion Resistance

Ferro Moly provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in corrosive environments.

Alloying Agent

It serves as a crucial alloying agent in the production of stainless steel and other specialty alloys.

Versatile Applications

Ferro Molybdenum finds versatile applications across various industries due to its unique properties.


Ferro Moly exhibits heat-resistant properties, making it suitable for high-temperature applications.

Explore the versatility and reliability of Ferro Moly alloys for your specific industrial applications. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover how Ferro Moly can elevate the performance of your products.

Industry-Wise Usage of Ferro Moly

Explore the Diverse Applications of Ferro Moly Alloys Across Industries

Ferro Molybdenum finds widespread usage in various industries due to its unique properties and versatile nature. Let's delve into the specific applications of Ferro Moly in different sectors:

1. Steel Industry

In the steel industry, Ferro Moly plays a crucial role as an alloying agent. It enhances the strength and corrosion resistance of steel, making it suitable for the production of stainless steel, high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, and other specialty steels.

2. Automotive Manufacturing

Ferro Moly is extensively used in the automotive sector for the production of components that require high strength and durability. It contributes to the development of engine parts, gears, and other critical components.

3. Energy and Aerospace

The energy and aerospace industries benefit from the heat-resistant properties of Ferro Moly. It is utilized in the manufacturing of turbines, aircraft parts, and other components subjected to high temperatures and harsh environments.

4. Construction Materials

Construction materials such as high-strength steel beams and structural components often contain Ferro Moly to ensure stability, strength, and longevity in building structures.

5. Chemical and Petrochemical

Ferro Moly is employed in chemical and petrochemical applications for its resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand harsh chemical environments. It contributes to the production of corrosion-resistant materials and equipment.

Embrace the versatility of Ferro Moly alloys for your specific industry needs. Contact us to discuss how Ferro Moly can enhance the performance and longevity of your products.

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