Lime & Dolomite

Calcined Dolomite
Particulars (%)
CaO 52% ~ 55%
MgO 32% ~ 35%
SiO2 2%
LOI 5%
Size As required

Calcined Dolomite Supplier and Exporter

Welcome to SRC Chemicals, a leading supplier of premium Dolomite minerals based in Rajasthan, India, catering to both the export and domestic markets. We take pride in offering high-quality Calcined Dolomite at competitive prices, serving a diverse range of industries worldwide.

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SRC Chemicals stands out as a reliable and well-known Dolomite supplier, catering to clients not only in India but across the globe. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the competitive prices we offer for Dolomite minerals.With a strong foothold in both export and domestic markets, we ensure that our Dolomite minerals meet international standards while also catering to the specific requirements of the local market. Whether you're a concrete manufacturer looking for durable additives or a soap producer seeking top-quality ingredients, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Calcium Magnesium Carbonate, commonly known as Dolomite, is a renowned sedimentary gemstone with the chemical formula CaMg(CO3)2. It shares similarities with Limestone but possesses higher Magnesium Carbonate content. Used extensively in the iron and steel industry as a flux or sintering agent, Dolomite's advanced MgO content also makes it a valuable resource in agriculture as a fertilizer and animal feed supplement rich in calcium and magnesium. In the export market, our focus extends to providing stylish and top-notch Dolomite minerals to clients around the globe. We understand the importance of delivering consistent quality and reliability to our international partners, ensuring that they receive products that meet their exact specifications

At SRC Chemicals, we go beyond being a Dolomite supplier. Our services include the purification and enhancement of Dolomite to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We ensure a seamless process from refinement to doorstep delivery.

Dolomite, found in association with limestones and evaporates, is a key component in Cenozoic geological beds. Originating as a magnesium solution for limestone or lime slush, dolomitization is the geological process responsible for the transformation of calcite into Dolomite. The resulting intermediate product is known as Dolomite limestone.

Resistant to corrosion, Dolomite is utilized to confine or disrupt bedded layers. Even in mildly acidic groundwater, its lower solubility can lead to unique formations over time, serving as a reservoir for oil and natural gas.

As your trusted Dolomite supplier in India, SRC Chemicals is dedicated to providing high-quality Dolomite with elevated CaO and MgO content. Explore our product range, meticulously crafted to meet industry specifications and standards. Contact us for your Dolomite needs, and experience the excellence that sets SRC Chemicals apart.

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Key Features of Calcined Dolomite by SRC Chemicals

  • Dispersible: Dolomite exhibits excellent dispersibility, making it easy to integrate into various applications with consistent and uniform distribution.
  • High Bulk Density: With a high bulk density, Dolomite offers increased material mass per unit volume, contributing to its efficiency in various industrial processes.
  • Less Reactive: Dolomite is characterized by its low reactivity, indicating stability in diverse environments and applications.
  • Plasticize Absorption: The mineral has the ability to absorb plasticizers, enhancing its suitability for applications where flexibility and moldability are crucial.
  • Wettable: Dolomite demonstrates wetting properties, ensuring effective mixing and compatibility with different liquids and solutions.
  • High Specific Gravity: The high specific gravity of Dolomite implies a greater weight per unit volume, adding to its utility in applications that require substantial material density.

Applications of Calcined Dolomite

Steel Industry

Refractory Material for maintaining temperature and chemical balance in steelmaking.

Construction Industry

Construction material for enhancing durability and strength of cement and concrete.


Soil amendment to adjust pH levels and improve soil fertility for healthy plant growth.

Glass Manufacturing

Fluxing agent to lower the melting point of raw materials in the glass manufacturing process.

Water Treatment

Neutralizing agent for adjusting pH levels in water treatment processes.

Environmental Remediation

Used in the removal of sulfur dioxide from industrial plant emissions.

Fertilizer Production

Source of magnesium in fertilizer production for plant growth.

Chemical Industry

Used in various chemical processes as a source of magnesium and catalyst.

Animal Feed Additive

Incorporated into animal feed as a source of calcium and magnesium.

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