• Fluorspar is used as fluxing agent which increases the fluidity of steel
  • Two Types of Grade :- 1. Acid Grade and 2. Metallurgical Grade

Fluorspar Lumps Specifications

Fluorspar Lumps
Particulars 90%
CaF2 90% min
Si 5% Max
S 0.04% Max
P 0.04% Max
Size 10-70 mm
Particulars 80%
CaF2 80% min
Si 9% Max
S 0.04% Max
P 0.04% Max
Size 10-70 mm
Particulars 70%
CaF2 70% min
Si 18-20% Max
S 0.04% Max
P 0.04% Max
Size 10-70 mm

Discover the Power of Fluorspar Lumps

Fueled by a commitment to foster progress in the chemical industry, SRC Chemicals is dedicated to the production and distribution of Solid Fluorspar Lumps. These halide minerals, characterized by their comparatively low melting point, serve as an essential flux to reduce the melting point of raw materials in the steel manufacturing process. Sourced from natural deposits, the lumps undergo crushing to attain their final form. Our customers have the opportunity to procure Solid Fluorspar Lumps in large quantities at cost-effective rates. At SRC Chemicals, we prioritize timely delivery to ensure our products reach our clients within the stipulated timeframe.

More Details of Fluorspar Lumps from SRC Chemicals

Fluorspar, a halide mineral containing calcium fluoride, plays a crucial role in various industries due to its relatively low melting point. It serves as a significant flux in smelting processes. Fluorspar Lumps, available in different purity grades, find diverse industrial applications. Among these grades, Metallurgical grade fluorite, the least pure option, acts as a flux to reduce the melting point of raw materials in steel production, facilitating impurity removal.

SRC Chemicals presents Fluorspar Lumps to meet the diverse needs of numerous industries. These lumps are available from us in specific particle sizes and purities as per your requirements.

Applications of Fluorspar Lumps:

  • Steel Production: Used as a flux to lower the melting point of raw materials and aid in the removal of impurities during steel manufacturing.
  • Aluminum Smelting: Employed as a flux in the production of aluminum to enhance efficiency and reduce melting temperatures.
  • Chemical Industry: Utilized in the manufacturing of certain chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and fluorocarbons.
  • Ceramics and Glass Industry: Acts as a fluxing agent in the production of ceramics and glass, helping to lower melting points and improve consistency.
  • Fluoride Production: Provides a key raw material for the production of various fluoride compounds used in industries like water treatment and dental products.
  • Metallurgy: Used in various metallurgical processes to enhance the efficiency of certain reactions.
  • Lapidary Industry: Employed in the cutting and shaping of gemstones and minerals.
  • Welding Rods: Used as a flux in the manufacturing of welding rods to improve the quality of welds.
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Production: A crucial raw material in the production of hydrofluoric acid, an essential chemical in several industrial processes.
  • Oil Refining: Used in the refining of certain types of oil and petroleum products.
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Fluorspar is used in the coating of fluorescent light bulbs to enhance their efficiency and light output.

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